We stock a wide range of products with a goal to accurately service the variety of diverse needs each industry encounters. Many of our products can even be re-packed into packaging of your choice. Using these products we can create custom chemical formulas, or use your pre-existing formula to meet your needs. With a comprehensive assortment of product offerings, we’ve conveniently divided them into two categories for ease of reference: Cleaners and Raw Materials. (click the links to the left to view our product inventory)

“I”ve known Dan for over a decade and have worked with him in various capacities. Dan’s personal values and principles drive his vision at Hill Chemical. Hill Chemical from its inception was created to fill a void in the chemical distribution and services businesses. Most national competitors have a cookie-cutter approach to serving the needs of their customers with countless service encumbrance. Whether it be limitations on package sizes, containers, volumes, each become an impediment to the fulfillment of running your business. Personal service and flexibility lie at the heart of Hill Chemical. From pail to tankers, Hill Chemical stands ready to provide a tailored solution to your firm’s needs. My personal experience with the firm supports this statement.”

— Michael R. Overstreet, Expedite Services Inc/Fragrance Design LLC,
    Jacksonville, FL